Optical Coatings and Materials


Schneider - New Perspectives In Coating
New Perspectives In Coating
Schneider Optics has embarked on a new path in surface-coating technology, which offers entirely new perspectives in the coating of optical elements.  Continue Reading..
Optimax - Antireflection Coatings For Space Applications
AR Coatings For Space Applications
Optimax has successfully provided antireflection (AR) coatings for a wide range of space applications. This paper outlines the results of testing done to qualify Optimax AR coatings for space.  Continue Reading..
Armadillo - Manufacturing And Testing Of All-Silica Fibers Resistant To UV And Gamma Radiation
Testing All-Silica Fibers Resistant To UV And Gamma Radiation
This study examines the influence of the composition of the core material, preform production technology, and posttreatment with hydrogen on the optical stability of the all-silica optical fibers to UV radiation.  Continue Reading..
SSI - Diffraction Gratings
Diffraction Gratings: An Introduction
This introduction to diffraction gratings guides us through the various types of gratings and understanding their advantages and disadvantages as well as some useful grating equations.  Continue Reading..
Dielectric Coating Processes
Dielectric Coating Processes
As comparisons by institutes and laser manufacturers continue to prove, Laser Components' dielectric coatings have the highest damage thresholds in the industry thanks to an optimized manufacturing process.  Continue Reading..
Low Sparkle Non-Glare Glass For Uniform Diffuse Reflection
Low Sparkle Non-Glare Glass For Uniform Diffuse Reflection
Low sparkle non-glare glass provides sharp rendering of images with increased clarity touch displays, tablets, e-readers, digital signage, and more, making them easily readable in direct sunlight.  Continue Reading..
Introduction To Optical Prisms
Prisms are solid glass optics that are ground and polished into geometrical and optically significant shapes. The angle, position, and number of surfaces help define the type and function. One of the most recognizable uses of prisms consists of dispersing a beam of white light into its component colors.  Continue Reading..


Bus bars provide the pathways for electrical connectivity or grounding points to transparent conductive coatings and are themselves, made of conductive material.

For two decades, Abrisa has supplied optical solutions for manufacturers of bio-medical and FDA-regulated devices and biochips with a critical need for quality control, consistency, and reliability.

Abrisa Technologies offers custom coating services and innovative total solutions of coated and fabricated technology glass for imaging, sensing, and laser scanning applications.

BOROFLOAT® 33 is a UV-NIR transparent borosilicate float glass with excellent optical properties and smooth low scatter surfaces straight off the float process. It is an economical high performance material, making it ideal for the volume manufacture of windows, mirrors, filters, display glass, 3D build platforms, and other components.

ZC&R Coatings for Optics (ZC&R), an Abrisa Technologies company, designs and manufactures innovative precision thin film coating solutions for micro-electronics, defense and avionics, display, industrial automation, optical sensors and imaging, photonics, medical/dental, life science analytics, and other market applications. 

Abrisa Technologies offers the PRO-HC-VIS1, a protective anti-abrasion hard coat clear glass coating option for high traffic contact scanner applications, which delivers up to 40X more linear taber abrasion resistance when compared to uncoated glass and HIE chemically-strengthened glass surfaces.

Abrisa Technologies provides Dead Front Panels for Backlit Display and User Interface applications that afford equipment designers greater flexibility in achieving the overall clean lines and sleek uncluttered aesthetics they seek.

SCHOTT D263® T eco is a clear, lightweight, low fluorescence, borosilicate glass available from Abrisa Technologies in thicknesses from 0.07 mm to 1.1 mm with excellent luminous transmission and high chemical resistance. 


  • Abrisa Technologies offers bus bars that provide the pathways for electrical connectivity or grounding points to transparent conductive coatings and are themselves, made of conductive material.

  • As the SCHOTT Conturan® Series is discontinued, we are here to help users identify which Abrisa Technologies Total Solutions best serve their project requirements and retrofit performance needs.

  • Abrisa Technologies, a member of HEF Photonics, provides “Low Sparkle” non-glare soda lime glass in formats to 63” x 40” and in thicknesses of 1.1 – 6mm. All standard gloss levels of 40, 60, 90, and 120 have our special highly controlled and uniform micro etched non-glare surfaces for consistent “low sparkle” performance in display applications.

  • Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce that it now offers PRO-HC-VIS1, a protective anti-abrasion hard coat coating option for scanner glass applications with up to 40X more linear taber abrasion resistance when compared to an uncoated glass surface. The PRO-HC-VIS1 hard coat may be applied to a large selection of Abrisa Technologies’ sheet, float, and specialty HIE™ aluminosilicate glass material offering.

  • Alluxa, Inc., a global leader in high-performance optical coatings and filters and thin-film deposition technologies, announces the expansion of the online product catalog featuring hard-coated specialty filters with extended wavelength ranges from the ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). Alluxa will be showcasing the new catalog optical filters during SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing at Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, FL, April 5 - 7, 2022, in booth #1525.

  • HEF Groupe, a global leader in metallurgical surface treatments, coatings, and PVD vacuum deposition technology, acquired Abrisa Technologies in December of 2020, expanding their capabilities to serve the needs of Photonics enabled markets.

  • Abrisa Technologies, a member of HEF Photonics, is pleased to announce the launch of their new mobile friendly Total Solution Partner website where users have access to the company’s expertise in Optical Thin Film Coatings, Custom Glass Fabrication and Specialty Glass.


  • At the 2023 Photonics West trade show, Lisa M. Tsufura introduces us to Abrisa’s optical and glass capabilities. Check out this video from the last day on the show floor to learn more about what Abrisa and HEF Photonics can provide.

  • Which optical coating will deliver the best results for my application? That is the key question of this 15-minute presentation with Barbara Herdt, head of the laser optics business unit at Laser Components.

  • On the last day of Photonics West 2022, Jim Sullivan with Schneider Optics introduced the Jade series – a family of lenses designed for an image diagonal of 19.3 mm and optimized for machine vision applications.

  • Peter Egerton set aside some time at the Photonics West 2022 exhibition to catch us up on improvements Alluxa has made over the last six months to broaden their spectral range. Learn how their in-house proprietary deposition process results in a high degree of uniformity, stability, and extremely high layer counts, which allow for steeper slopes and deeper blocking all while maintaining high transmission

  • Join us for a virtual tour at our Jerusalem production site to learn how we provide a one-stop-shop solution, from design to manufacture, assembly and QA, for optical components and assemblies for IR thermal applications.

  • Jason Palidwar with Iridian Spectral Technologies spent some time with us on the last day of SPIE’s 2016 DCS exhibition to talk about the challenges encountered in the mid-wave spectrum and how his company has worked around them.

  • This year at SPIE’s DCS exhibition, Donna with DSI gave us a quick on-location hello from the show floor before turning it over to principle investigator Kevin Gibbons so that he could offer some advice on what you should consider before determining an optical coating’s specifications for sensing applications.