Anti-Fogging Transparent Conductive ITO Heaters

Abrisa - ITO heaters

Transparent Conductive Heaters are ideal solutions when anti-fogging or de-icing, and high throughput and clarity are needed to maintain unobscured viewing and optical sensing in cold climates.

The coatings deliver the high uniformity and low scatter performance needed to preserve high resolution digital imaging, sensing or display outputs while maintaining high throughput efficiency and clarity. Our solutions incorporate key heating attributes that can be tailored for specific needs, including design considerations for anti-reflective properties for visible, NIR, SWIR, and IR, optimization to air or index matched for bonding, and delivery of color neutral performance in transmission, reflection, or both.

Our ITO, IMITO, and IMO heater solutions are perfect for outdoor security surveillance, traffic monitoring, aircraft flap monitoring, digital CMOS imaging applications, avionics cockpit displays, outdoor displays, robotic and 3D sensing machine vision in refrigerated environments, military vehicle turret viewing, and optically transparent incubator sample surfaces for live cell microscopy imaging.

These Ready-to-Install heater solutions incorporate your choice of technology glass, fabrication, HIE™ chemical strengthening or heat tempering, transparent conductive coatings, AR coatings, bus bars, electrical connectivity, wire bonding or soldering, connectors, screen printed ceramic frit or epoxy ink graphics, laser marking and applied gaskets.