News | August 25, 2022

Abrisa Technologies Provides Coated Glass Solutions For Discontinued SCHOTT Conturan® Glass


As one of SCHOTT’s key official distributors and qualified processors for SCHOTT Borofloat®SCHOTT D 263® T ecoSCHOTT AS 87 Ultra-Thin GlassSCHOTT Xensation® and others, SCHOTT has informed us that they made the tough decision to discontinue production of their Conturan® series of anti-reflective (AR) coated extra-clear, and nearly reflection-free glass valued for its color neutrality, high transmission, and toughness.

According to Susan Hirst, General Manager for the Abrisa Industrial Glass (AIG) Division, “Abrisa Technologies provides Total Solutions that leverage its comprehensive suite of manufacturing capabilities for glass, coating, fabrication, and value-added processes giving SCHOTT Conturan® users access to an expanded range of glass, coating, and value-added capabilities with a convenient, respected, and qualified partner.”

Susan Further adds, “Abrisa Technologies has an extensive selection of base glass types and associated processes for strength and safety, each with its own unique properties. Our Applications Engineers are ready to help Conturan® users identify which Abrisa Technologies Total Solutions best serve their existing, new project requirements and retrofit performance needs.

Abrisa Technologies Base Glasses – Conturan® Alternatives

  • Soda-Lime & Clear Low Iron Soda Lime Float Glass – Color Neutral, AR Coated (1 or 2 Side) for Significant Reflection Reduction
  • Low Sparkle Non-Glare Low Iron Soda Lime Float Glass – Color Neutral, Non-Glare (1 or 2 side) – for Significant Wide Angle Reflection Reduction
  • SCHOTT Borofloat® Borosilicate Glass – Color Neutral, High Transmission, High Thermal and Chemical Durability, and AR Coated (1 or 2-side) for Significant Reflection Reduction
  • SCHOTT AS 87, Xensation & Other Aluminosilicate Glass – HIE™ Strengthened and Stronger than Comparable Float Glass, AR Coated (1 or 2 Side) for Significant Reflection Reduction, Reduced Risk of Breakage for Increased Safety, Thinner Format Substrate Reduces Weight with While Providing High Impact Resistance

Abrisa Technologies Processing (Fabrication & Coating) Enhancements

  • Fabrication & Value-Added Services – Cutting, Machining, Drilling, Edge Processing, Screen Printed Graphics, Laser Etching, Tapes, Applied Safety & Other Films, Gaskets, Lamination, and Bus Bars
  • Strengthening/Toughening – Thermal, Chemical & Hard Coat – Provides Enhanced Mechanical Strength with Higher Damage Resistance
  • Anti-Reflection (AR) – Coated (1 or 2 Side) for Significant Reflection Reduction
  • Ultra-Violet (UV) & Infrared (IR) Coatings – Solar & Temperature Management
  • Custom Coatings – EMI Shielding & Heaters, Filters with Custom Wavelengths, Special AR and More
  • Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Coatings – Reduces Fingerprints & Smudging, Provides Durable, Easy-to-Clean Properties

Susan goes on to explain, “The benefits of utilizing a variety of base glass types and then customizing to specific user requirements allows Abrisa Technologies’ Total Solutions approach to be invaluable for a broad spectrum of Conturan® industry applications such as medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment, digital signage, passenger information systems and outdoor advertising, cinema lighting, industrial touch screens, and more.”

And lastly, Susan states, “Because of Abrisa Technologies’ Total Solutions approach for custom glass fabrication and coatings, the company has a unique opportunity to deliver tough, durable, reflection free glass that can be further enhanced with a multitude of value-added options for wide ranging uses with a multitude of property requirements.”

Source: Abrisa Technologies