X-Ray (Radiation Shielding) Glass

GettyImages-1799927375 X-Ray

X-ray leaded glass is a radiation shielding glass that contains a high content of heavy metallic oxides that provide protection against X-rays and Y-rays for use in the medical and technical fields.

Despite the high metallic oxide content, Radiation Shielding Glass features high optical transmission, which makes it a perfect fit for view windows for X-ray rooms.

Other applications would include:

  • Medical diagnostic screens
  • Airport security X-ray screens
  • Safety goggle lenses
  • View windows for CT and angiography
  • Protection windows & glove boxes in laboratories

Lead content is measured in percentage, and has a lead equivalency value associated with the content. The lead equivalency value is measured in millimeters and represents the thickness of a solid lead plate with comparable properties to the content of the lead in the glass.

Abrisa Technologies carries 8mm thick glass with lead content percentage of 55% – 65%, and a lead equivalency of 2mm.

X-Ray glass from Abrisa Technologies is available in sizes up to 31” x 29”