Optical Solutions For Bio-Medical And FDA-Regulated Devices and Biochips

Medical Imaging

For two decades, Abrisa has supplied optical solutions for manufacturers of bio-medical and FDA-regulated devices and biochips with a critical need for quality control, consistency, and reliability.

We take pride in our ability to offer design-for-manufacture assistance, starting with a knowledge base for your application; understanding the complexities and unique optical, environmental, and use requirements, then collaborating with you to develop innovative and cost effective solutions to complex problems.


  • Wavelength separation cut-on/off
  • Selective bandpass
  • UV blocking/transmitting
  • Heat reducing
  • Excitation/emission filter
  • Color adjust/neutralizing
  • Anti-reflective (UV-NIR)
  • Mirror – metallic, dielectric
  • Transmissive conductive ITO

Substrates (Sheets & Wafers):

  • Eagle XG, AF 32, D 263, fused silica
  • Thin, = 0.2mm – Eagle XG
  • Customer furnished sapphire, silicon

Special Options:

  • Hydrophobic coatings
  • Bio-chemical compatibility
  • Photo etch compatible
  • Autoclavable
  • Anti-abrasion/scratch
  • Braze compatible
  • Zonal patterning