Supplier News

  1. Q-Drive – G&H’s Electro-Optic Pockel Cell Driver

    Gooch & Housego’s Q-Drive spearheads our development effort to provide a family of Electro-Optical (EO) Pockels cell drivers engineered for performance and durability.

  2. PPLN For Second Harmonic Generation Of Fiber Lasers

    Second harmonic generation (SHG) fiber laser systems provide a robust and stable solution to access spectral regions currently relatively inaccessible but with potential.

  3. Control Your MTP Geometry

    KrellTech’s Scepter Automated Polishing System accurately controls MTP and MT-RJ connector geometries on a consistent basis.

  4. Lawrence Luke Joins Abrisa Technologies As A Thin Film Engineer

    Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce that Lawrence Luke has joined the company as a Thin Film Applications Engineer at their thin film coatings facility, located in Torrance, California.

  5. Ramulaser™ Adjustable Power

    StellarNet has added several features to it’s Ramulaser™ series of low cost Raman lasers. Most notably the 785nm & 1064nm Ramulaser is now equipped with a power adjustment dial for operation in step increments to the highest 499mW output power. 

  6. StellarSCOPE™ System For Microscopy

    StellarNet has released the StellarSCOPE™ System that allows users to couple their favorite StellarNet spectrometer systems to a microscope. 

  7. SERS Substrates For StellarNet Raman Spectrometers

    StellarNet has released new high performance & affordable Surface Enhanced Raman (SERS) substrates for use with their line of low cost Raman spectrometer systems.

  8. Ultrasonic Lead Soldering And Bus Bar Additions For Heaters And EMI Shielding

    Abrisa Technologies is a vertically integrated manufacturer of heater elements and advanced display cover glass with EMI filtering.

  9. Abrisa Technologies Introduces CleanVue PRO A Severe Abrasion Resistant Oleo/Hydrophobic Coating For Display Glass

    Abrisa Technologies introduces CleanVue PRO, a severe abrasion resistant oleo/hydrophobic coating that repels dirt, dust, water, grease and oil, enhancing display glass performance and longevity.

  10. Dr. Vladimir Medvedev Joins ZC&R Coatings For Optics An Abrisa Technologies Company

    Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce that Dr. Vladimir Medvedev has joined the Abrisa Technologies engineering team at their thin film coatings facility, located in Torrance. Dr. Medvedev’s brings 20+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry, working with such companies as BAE Systems, Global Communication Semiconductor, and TRW Inc.