Supplier News

  1. LightWorks Optical Systems Announces New Name As II-VI Optical Systems

    LightWorks Optical Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated, is pleased to announce the launch of its new name and corporate identity as II-VI Optical Systems, in support of II-VI Inc.’s business unit and divisional restructuring effort.

  2. Excelitas Technologies® Unveils New OmniCure® AC8 Series UV LED Curing Solutions For Commercial, Industrial And Medical Applications

    Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized optoelectronics, recently announced the launch of its new OmniCure® AC8 Series UV LED Curing Systems.

  3. Excelitas Technologies® Corp. Introduces New OmniCure® AC Series Product Accessories For Maximum Flexibility And Improved Process Control

    Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative light delivery solutions and customized optoelectronics, recently announced the expansion of the OmniCure AC Series UV LED curing solutions with its new PLC2000 Controller and AC Optical Adapter.

  4. General Barry McCaffrey Appointed To Excelitas Technologies Board Of Directors

    Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global photonics industry leader recently announced the appointment of General Barry McCaffrey, retired Four-Star General, to the company’s board of directors.

  5. Raptor Adds To The Best SWIR / VIS-SWIR Camera In The World With An M42 Mount Option

    Raptor Photonics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital cameras has launched an additional member to its family of SWIR and Visible SWIR cameras.

  6. New Development Kit For Spectral Sensing Applications From Ocean Optics

    Ocean Optics has introduced a new set of spectral sensing tools for developers and others who want to deploy spectroscopy in new applications.

  7. Iridian Announces 'High AOI Dual-Band CWDM Filters' At CIOE!

    Iridian’s Dual Pass Band Filter features two pass bands in one filter chip. This filter allows for modern CWDM designs that reduce the number of required filters, minimize insertion loss and allow smaller packaging.

  8. Torquay’s Gooch & Housego Scoop Innovation Award

    With laser beams integral to the manufacturing of consumer items like smart phones, Torquay’s Gooch & Housego has received an Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics (IOP) for their development of the Fiber-Q product line which allows their clients greater versatility in the uses they put lasers to.

  9. Bristol Instruments Hires Optical Engineer To Enhance Product Development Efforts

    Bristol Instruments, Inc., a leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation, is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Steven Person to its product development team.

  10. BEACON – Photonics For Telecom Satellites

    Constelex Technology Enablers, the recent acquisition by Gooch & Housego and now part of the Systems Technology Group, coordinates BEACON, an EU R&D project in the FP7 program.