Supplier News

  1. G&H Optical Fiber Amplifiers For Next Generation Satellite Comms Robust Against Ionizing Radiation

    Following positive results of recent gamma radiation tests, on its optical fiber amplifiers, Gooch & Housego are proud to proclaim the robustness of both the design and components.

  2. LaCroix Optical Gears Up For DSS Conference

    LaCroix Optical Co. plans to attend SPIE’s Defense, Security & Sensing Conference on May 6-8 in Baltimore.

  3. Gooch & Housego Lead MINERVA (MId- To NEaR Infrared Spectroscopy For improVed Medical diAgnostics) Project Wins Photonics Innovation Village Award At Photonics Europe

    The Gooch & Housego lead MINERVA (MId- to NEaR infrared spectroscopy for improVed medical diAgnostics) project has won a 1500€ prize at SPIE’s recent Photonics Europe conference in Brussels.

  4. G&H Receives NASA Certificate Of Appreciation For IRIS Spectrograph Reflective Optics

    G&H are pleased to be recognized by NASA with a Certification of Appreciation for delivering reflective optics for the IRIS spectrograph both, on time and meeting or exceeding their on-orbit performance requirements.

  5. Gooch & Housego Secures Investment From The UK Government Regional Growth Fund (RGF)

    The fifth round of the UK government £3.2B RGF stimulus package to stimulate private sector economic growth and sustainable employment has been announced recently.

  6. Gooch & Housego CEO Gareth Jones In Joint Launch Of €80B Research And Innovation Program Horizon 2020

    Horizon2020, the largest EU Research and Innovation program to date, with nearly €80B of funding available over the next seven years, will be officially launched at the Photonics21 AGM in Brussels on Friday 28 March.

  7. Ocean Optics Launches Maya LSL Spectrometer

    Now available from Ocean Optics is the Maya LSL spectrometer, a combination of a back-thinned CCD array detector and low stray light optical design resulting in high-sensitivity, high-throughput performance for applications ranging from chemical catalysis to Raman analysis. 

  8. Ocean Optics Launches DH-mini Light Source

    Now available from Ocean Optics is the DH-mini light source. This compact, high-intensity source for spectroscopy combines deuterium and tungsten halogen sources in a single optical path, producing stable output across the UV-VIS-NIR from 200-2500 nm.

  9. Ocean Optics Launches QE Pro Spectrometer

    The QE Pro is a high-sensitivity, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer with outstanding quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and extremely low noise operation for applications with low light levels and where wide concentration ranges are measured.

  10. G&H Target Telecom Technology For Space

    Satellite operators are looking for innovative solutions to allow high data rate downloads without violating the resource constraints on micro-satellites.