Products and Services

  1. XY Automated Stage: MS-9400

    This automated stage provides high resolution and highly repeatable means of X and Y position controlling of the microscope stage, and has been designed to be able to scan eight 25 x 75 mm slides at a time. Additionally, this stage has a travel range of 9” by 4” (225 x 100 mm).

  2. XY Flat Top Extended Travel Stage: MS-2500

    This low profile XY stage provides 100 mm (4”) of Y-axis travel and an extended 250 mm (10”) of X-axis travel, allowing for easy robotic handling or for holding more samples per stage insert. The stage itself features an obstruction-free flat top, wide dynamic speed range with XY joystick control, proven operation with many popular software packages, and much more.

  3. Flat Top XYZ Automated Stage: MS-2000

    The MS-2000 Flat Top XYZ Automated Stage provides high resolution and highly repeatable control of the X and Y position on a microscope stage. It features a closed-loop DC servo control for precise positioning and repeatable focusing, proven operation with many software packages, “zero” and “home” buttons for simple stand-alone operations, a Z-axis clutch for easy switching between manual and motor driven focus control, and much more.

  4. XYZ Automated Stage: PZ-2000FT

    This automated stage has been designed to control the X, Y, and Z position of the microscope stage while providing high resolution and high repeatability. Closed-loop DC servometers with high-resolution rotoary encoders for positioning feedback are used to precise control of the XY axes. This prevents the stage from becoming lost during operation, a common problem encountered when using open-loop micro-stepped stages after several moves and direction changes. The DC servometers also provide smooth and accurate motion.

  5. Inverted OEM Manual Stage with Piezo Z-Axis Top Plate: PZM-2000

    This inverted manual stage is the ideal solution for engineers that require automated Z-axis positioning for acquiring precise z-axis stacks, but do not need automated XY movement. The PZM-2000 manual stage includes ASI’s piezo top plate mounted with your existing OEM stage. If necessary, ASI can modify or exchange your current OEM stage with a PZM-2000 unit. If the top plate will be mounted to your existing stage, it will need to be machined. This is so the stage can still provide high resolution and highly repeatable focusing when controlling the Z position of the microscope stage.

  6. Precise Piezo Z-Axis Stage: PZMU-2000

    This precision piezo z-axis stage can be used by itself in stand-alone applications, or it can be attached to the top of a microscope’s existing XY stage. On some microscopes, this top plate can be mounted to an OEM stage.

  7. Automated Focus System: CRISP

    This automated focus system is designed to be able to mount onto any standard c-mount microscope port. It features the ability to maintain its ideal focus for days at a time, simple post-lock fine adjustment of focus, automated control, low noise electronics (which permits locking to glass/water interfaces), and much more. The CRISP Automated Focus System will work with most standard microscope objectives.

  8. High Precision Custom Motion Systems
    For 50 years, Newport's motion team has been developing high precision custom/OEM motion systems for research, industrial and aerospace customers and providing solutions from system design through manufacture to on-site installation. As a world-class supplier of systems solutions, we'll bring you invaluable experience and expertise to match your needs exactly. To ensure your success, we are committed to the performance and quality levels of our solutions.
  9. Fast Positioning, Ultra-Low Profile Rotation Stage now with Higher Resolution
    PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of precision motion control systems, has released a higher precision version of its M-660 low profile rotary table. Driven by piezo motors which enable the very low profile of only 14 mm (0.6in), the new model is equipped with a high accuracy direct measuring encoder and provides 8 times the position resolution of the existing version. The new high precision version of the M660 is ideal for applications including biotechnology, microscopy, mass storage device testing, photonics packaging, semiconductor, optical instrumentation and metrology.
  10. Manual MicroMini™ Linear Stage: MM-2
    National Aperture’s ultra-light Manual MicroMini™ Linear Stage: MM-2 features a low profile and anti-backlash. The low cost MM-2 linear manual stage is available in X, XY, XYZ and XZ configurations making it ideal for any general purpose application.