Z-Axis Steel Extended Contact Slide Stages: TSD-UD

Source: OptoSigma Corporation

Z-Axis Steel Extended Contact Slide Stages: TSD-UD

The TSD-UD stages from OptoSigma are inverted stages designed to enable the configuration of optical systems or camera alignment on walls or ceilings. Stable in every direction, these stages allow for precise height adjustment via steel balls contracting the R groove of the guide at four points during travel.

The TDS-UD stages are available in 60 or 65 mm sizes. Since their structures use the principles of leverage, the feed rate fluctuates against the scale depending on the travel (about ±0.02 mm for micrometer head 0.5 mm/rotation). Vacuum-compatible stainless steel stages (TSDS) are also available.

Download the datasheet for more specifications, features, and product options on the TSD-UD stages.