Controller for Miniature Piezo Stages – E-873

Q-Motion® Server Controller

PI’s new E-873 controls miniature piezo stages of the Q-motion series for microscopy and photonics applications. Q-motion stages provide nanometer resolution at an affordable price. The E-873 is a benchtop device with options for control cabinet mounting, and has three channels with integrated power amplifiers and an interpolator. The device features a point-to-point motion and actuator mode for nanometer precision positioning at the target position.

The Q-Motion® Server Controller has a powerful macro command language, a data recorder, and an ID chip for a quick start-up and parameter changes. The instrument also uses USB and TCP/IP interfaces for relating commands, and differential signal transmission for analog encoder signals.

Key features for the Q-Motion® Controller include:

  • Broadband encoder input
  • Nonvolatile EEPROM for macros and parameters
  • Digital I/O ports (TTL)
  • Interfaces: TCP/IP and USB
  • Optional digital joystick for manual operation

For more features, specifications, and order information, download the datasheet.