Piezo Nanopositioning Stage Features Up To 52mm Travel

NEXACT® PiezoWalk® Stepping Drive With Subnanometer Encoder Resolution: N-565

The N-565 is an ultra-precision linear positioner stage with NEXACT® PiezoWalk® technology, and designed with a subnanometer encoder resolution for high-end applications in bio-nanotechnology, fiber-optics, microscopy, semiconductor testing, metrology, and scientific research in beamlines and laser labs. With long 13 mm, 26 mm, or 52 mm travel ranges, high forces, and stiffness, this stepping drive does not subject to sliding friction or wear.

The N-565 features ultra-precise 2 nm minimum incremental motion and a direct-measuring PIOne encoder with 0.5 nm resolution. The stage is self-locking when switched off which saves on energy and reduces heat generation. The optical, non-contact PIOne encoders measure the actual position directly at the motion platform with the highest accuracy so that nonlinearity, mechanical play, or elastic deformation have no influence on position measuring.

Download the datasheet for more information on this stage’s NEXACT® PiezoWalk® technology, encoders and crossed roller bearings, as well as other specifications and features.