6-Axis-Parallel Kinematic Positioning Systems: HXP50 Hexapods

Source: Newport Corporation

The HXP50 hexapod is a parallel kinematic motion device that provides six degrees of freedom – X, Y, Z, pitch, roll, and yaw – for complex motion applications that demand high load capacity and accuracy in up to six independent axes. Newport’s Hexapods are affordable AND extremely easy to use.

The HXP50 is driven by six DC servo motor driven actuators with encoder feedback at the leadscrew nut, providing precise MIM, low backlash, and fast speed. To enhance the stiffness of the hexapod, spherical joints are utilized for compact and rigid operation.

HXP50 features include:

  • Integrated 6-axis positioner
  • Light, compact and low-profile
  • No moving cables
  • High stiffness (particular in z)
  • No accumulation of motion errors
  • Virtual center of rotation, set by software
  • RightPath™ trajectory control

For additional features and specifications on the HXP50 hexapods, download the datasheet.