Silicon Duo Lateral Position Sensing Detectors (PSDs)


OSI Optoelectronics’ one- and two-dimensional photodiodes, the  Duo-Lateral, Super Linear Position Sensing Detectors feature high-speed response times with extremely low noise levels and capacitance. Our state-of-the art duo-lateral technologies provide a continuous analog output proportional to the displacement of the centroid of a light spot from the center of the active area.

The unparalleled position accuracies of 99 % over 64 % of the sensing area is truly exceptional, making these devices the ideal solution for highly demanding projects. Applications include pulse detection, optical communications, medical equipment, high-speed photometry, bar code readers, and more. They are available in various sizes and configurations, for both single and two-dimensional position detection measurements, ranging from 1 mm to 76 mm on a single axis. Download the available datasheet to learn more. Click here to view the full product assortment. 

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