6-Axis Hexapod: H-840


The H-840 hexapod series is universally applicable for tasks in precision positioning. Some variants are optimized for high dynamics and can for example, be used for simulating motion whereas models with gearhead support are suitable for heavier loads.

The parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom makes it significantly more compact and stiffer than comparable serial kinematic systems. Their advantages over serial, i.e., stacked systems, are mainly the much better path accuracy and repeatability. In addition, the moved mass is lower and allows improved dynamics performance and is the same for all motion axes. Cable management is not a problem because cables are not moved.

Additional Product Features Include: 

  • CIPA certified
  • Load capacity to 40 kg
  • Travel ranges to ±50 mm / ±30°
  • Repeatability to ±0.1 µm
  • BLDC motors and variants with absolute encoders
  • Works in any orientation

For more information, download the available datasheet.