High-Precision Kinematic Mirror Mount: N-480


The N-480 series miniature motorized kinematic optical mirror mounts are equipped with PI's high precision PiezoMike motors for ultra-high resolution angular adjustments in two tilt axes (θX and θY) down to 0.3 µrad steps.

They are available for mirror and optics sizes of 0.5", 1" and 2" diameter. The high precision PiezoMike motors can be computer-controlled and will hold a position with high stability, even when not energized. Manual adjustment of the N-480 two-axis optical kinematic mounts is also possible. These types of tip/tilt mirror mounts are often used in optics research and for laser beam control and beam delivery systems. For high-speed laser beam steering, PI offers piezo flexure steering mirrors and voice-coil steering mirrors.

Additional Product Features Include:

  • High stability
  • For optics with 0.5", 1" or 2" diameter
  • Step size 0.3 or 0.5 µrad
  • Lifetime >1,000,000,000 steps at ambient conditions and >50,000,000 steps under vacuum conditions
  • Vacuum-compatible versions to 10-6 hPa available

Download the available datasheet for more information.