High-Precision Rotation Stage With Direct Drive: V-62x

PI - V-62x

The V-62x stages offer superior performance regarding travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble. The direct-drive rotation stages of the V-62x series are designed for precision, high stiffness, a long lifetime, and ease of use.

The ultra-precise deep groove ball bearings are preloaded and lubricated prior to delivery, meaning they are maintenance-free for the whole lifetime of the rotation stage.

PIMag® direct-drive torque motor

Torque motors are electromagnetic direct drives. They dispense with mechanical components in the drivetrain and transfer the drive force directly and friction-free to the motion platform. The drives reach high velocities and accelerations.

Absolute encoder (optional)

Absolute encoders supply explicit position information that enables immediate determination of the position. Therefore, no referencing is necessary when switching on and this increases efficiency and safety during operation.

Accessories and options

  • Encoder type
  • Single or multi-axis motion controllers and servo drives
  • Multi-axis assemblies

Application fields

Sample inspection. Precision microassembly. Research. Biotechnology. Semiconductor testing and inspection. Measuring technology. Automation technology. Device assembly.