Lasers Products & Services

  1. OEM Laser Diode Driver: LaserPak
    The LaserPak laser diode driver is Arroyo’s entry into the OEM power supply market, offering the same quality instrumentation as our bench top units, but in a smaller and lower cost solution for custom systems.
  2. Laser Diode Driver: 4300 Series LaserSource
    Arroyo Instruments' 4300 Series LaserSource laser driver is an excellent solution for medium power applications, such as high power pump lasers, free space lasers, and high power fiber-pigtailed devices. It would also fit well with many of the high power LED devices. The compact enclosure of this laser driver takes up very little of your workspace, and its price offers an excellent value.
  3. Laser Diode Driver: 4200 Series LaserSource
    Arroyo Instruments’ 4200 Series LaserSource product line is a compact, fully-featured laser driver, featuring hardware safety features, excellent stability, and USB / RS232 computer interfaces. The 4200 Series LaserSource laser driver is an excellent solution for low power applications, such as butterfly and TO-can lasers, as well as many LED applications and the compact enclosure means it takes up very little of your workspace.
  4. JenLas® disk IR50: DPSS Nanosecond Lasers
    RPMC Lasers, Inc. offers a wide range of solid state nanosecond lasers that are suitable for a variety of applications including scientific, industrial, medical and military. The JenLas® disk IR50 is the 45 W-version of Jenoptik’s new disk-laser-generation for precision material processing. This laser features excellent beam quality in the infrared spectral range and is suitable for industrial applications in micro material processing, such as micro-dicing, micro-drilling and micro-structuring. A special application field is in solar cell processing.
  5. Patara™ DPSS Laser Systems

    Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics’ Patara™ laser system is an all-new diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser system that is offered with up to 20 Watts of output power at 532nm. It is rugged, reliable, and is easily integrated into original equipment. The Patara™ laser is economically priced, features long life diode bars and is ideally suited for use in industrial manufacturing applications.

  6. Mid-Infrared Diode Lasers
    In the fields of direct materials processing as well as laser surgery and therapy, there is an increasing interest in laser systems emitting at wavelengths in the mid-infrared. This is based on their special absorption characteristics.
  7. Tapered Lasers And Amplifiers
    Tapered diode lasers combine a nearly diffraction limited beam quality with output powers which have previously only been available for diode lasers with broad-area design. To achieve these characteristics, the lateral design consists of a taper and a ridge-waveguide section. High beam quality is made possible via an index-guided ridge-waveguide or MESA structure. In contrast, high output power requires a gain-guided broad pumped area which leads to a taper section.
  8. Individually Addressable Laser Arrays
    Intense's Individually Addressable Laser Arrays enable high speed printing and marking while maintaining excellent print quality. They are also suitable for industrial and defence applications.
  9. Sealed CO2 Lasers
    Synrad's objective has always been to develop high technology products that are easy to integrate into a wide range of applications, and to make your use of our laser technology as simple and straightforward as possible.
  10. Microchip Laser
    RPMC Lasers offers a line of mil-spec microchip laser devices. These passively Q-switched microchip lasers emit sub-nanosecond, high-peak-power pulses from industry standard opto-electronic packages.