Narrow Linewidth Dye Laser: Vista™

Source: Continuum

Narrow Linewidth Dye Laser: Vistaâ„¢

Continuum’s VistaTM is a narrow linewidth dye laser with greater than 30% efficiency in both the fundamental and UV wavelengths. Its 0.03cm-1 and 0.05cm-1 linewidth selection makes it ideal for low resolution studies and its <0.2% ASE allows for the best possible signal strength.

The low ASE is made possible through a patented oscillator built on its own isolation plate and temperature stabilized to maintain the laser’s linewidth. A final capillary cell provides an even distribution of energy across the beam’s profile, providing excellent beam quality and good beam propagation. Specifications include:

Download the datasheet for more information on the VistaTM dye laser’s features and specifications.