Lasers Products & Services

  1. DPSS Lasers by LASOS®

    DPSS lasers by LASOS® feature a long lifetime, low noise, long-term stability, and outstanding beam quality. They’re housed in robust and compact packages, and each model in the family offers variations in output power and beam diameter.

  2. High Performance Q-Switched Lasers: Thor™ Series

    Cobolt’s Thor™ Series of Q-switched lasers operate at 1064nm and are ideal for micro-dissection, MALDI-TOF, range finding, Raman-LIDAR, micro-marking, and micro-machining. They provide up to 1.0 W average output power, >7kHz pulse repetition rate, <5ns pulse width, and 150µj pulse energy.

  3. Industrial Grade Mid-IR Laser Source: Cobolt Odin™

    This compact and tunable mid-IR laser is well suited for applications involving the industrial and scientific markets. They’re ideal for analytical instrumentation used in environmental monitoring, for the control and limitation of pollution emissions, and for other applications involving molecular spectroscopy.

  4. 905 nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser

    These new 905 nm pulsed semiconductor lasers feature a high peak pulsed power into aperture, quantum well structure resulting in <1 ns rise and fall times, excellent power and temperature stability, multi cavity lasers for a concentrated emitting source size.

  5. Ultra-Low Noise Laser Rangefinder Receivers: ROX™ Series

    Voxtel’s ROX Series of laser rangefinder receivers (LRFR) are ideal for applications involving laser range finding, free-space optical communications, LADAR/LIDAR, optical coherence tomography, telecommunications, optical time domain reflectometry, fluorescence measurements, electrophoresis, spectroscopy, and chromatography.

  6. Synthetic Fused Silica for High Optical Performance: DUV to NIR Optics and HE Laser Optics

    This high purity synthetic fused silica material features a high degree of homogeneity and is manufactured by flame hydrolysis of SiCI4. These materials provide a high degree of radiation to damage and as such, are the preferred materials in high energy applications.

  7. Jaz Adjustable Laser Pointer

    This adjustable laser pointer is an ideal tool for accurate spot measurements where precise focus within large areas of light emission are necessary. This can be flat panel displays, media walls, large-area projection screens, etc. The Jaz-ALP is added directly to the Jaz stack, just below the spectrometer module, and can be used to help position the Jaz stack to targeted spots for irradiance measurements. The Jaz adjustable laser pointer features the ability to adjust for distances from 2-14 m, and operates off of 3 AAA batteries, meaning that no additional power is required.

  8. 785nm VBG®-Stabilized Laser Head

    This LuxxMaster™ wavelength-stabilized free-space laser is built utilizing PD-LD’s patented Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology. This award-winning technology is used to stabilize and shape the emission spectrum of high power laser diodes for numerous applications including solid state laser pumping, fiber laser pumping, high-resolution Raman spectroscopy and other applications requiring high-power temperature-stabilized narrow line width laser source.

  9. 671 Series High-Accuracy Laser Wavelength Meter

    The 671 Series Laser Wavelength Meter is the best way to measure the absolute wavelength of CW lasers that operate from the visible to the mid-IR. This system provides real-time laser wavelength information with an accuracy as high as ± 0.0001 nm. 

  10. LabSource LS-1 VBG®-Stabilized Laser Source

    PD-LD offers a single-source benchtop module, suitable for Raman analysis. This module can be easily integrated with existing lab technology, and features a highly stable laser source, compact rugged construction, and a user-centric front dashboard and monitor. Customers may select a stock or custom wavelength.