Diode Pumped Laser for Material Processing: Mesa™

Source: Continuum

The MesaTM is a diode pumped laser that has been optimized for Ti: Sapphire ultrafast amplifier pumping at 6-10 GHz. Its high power/energy, high uptime, precise depth control, fast cutting/drilling, superior beam quality, small spot size, and high throughput make is especially ideal for materials processing applications.

This laser offers TEM00, low-order mode, and multi-modes, and its dual wavelength 1064/532 nm version provides processing flexibility. It has a repetition rate from single shot up to 40 GHz, and its large dynamic range offers a consistent output and stability over a wide power range. Specifications include:

Ideal areas of application for the MesaTM diode pumped laser include laser microprobe analysis, particle image velocimetry, combustion analysis, LIDAR, resonance Raman spectroscopy, the chemical analysis of macromolecules, micro-hole drilling, fine wire stripping, marking, wafer trimming, diamond/gemstone processing, LCD/solar edge detection, and more. For more information on the MesaTM diode pumped laser’s features and specifications, download the datasheet.