PD-LD for Locked-On and Focused Diode Laser Excellence

Source: PD-LD, Inc.

PD-LD for Locked-On and Focused Diode Laser Excellence

A true diode laser alternative to time honored HeNe gas laser tubes is now available from PD-LD: the SLM-632.8 single longitudinal module.  The SLM-632.8 laser module beam quality and coherence length compares very favorably to traditional HeNe lasers from a compact, one-box design which is less than 90cm3 in volume.  The remarkable distinction between HeNe systems and the SLM-632.8 though, is the output power produced. This small form factor produces an output of 10x or more power, 40mW minimum, while consuming less than 7W.  Wavelength stabilization is also key to true single frequency performance.  PD-LD’s patented Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) technology ensures wavelength locked performance to 10MHz linewidths over a wide operating temperature range.  Power stability for the SLM is better than 0.2% over hours of use providing new application opportunities in a variety of industrial and scientific market segments.

Ideal for integration into flow cytometers, confocal microscopes, Raman systems and more.  Anywhere You Think You Need A HeNe, Get Up To 10X The Power From A PD-LD Diode Laser 1/10th The Size!

For more information on the SLM-632.8 laser modules’ features and specifications, download the datasheet or check out this video.