Adjustable Power Raman Laser: Ramulaser™

Source: StellarNet, Inc.

Adjustable Power Raman Laser: Ramulaserâ„¢

StellarNet’s RamulaserTM line is a series of low cost Raman lasers that come in rugged metal enclosures with 8-hour battery packs for portability. The 785nm and 1064nm entries in this series come equipped with power adjustment dials for operation in step increments to the highest 499mW output power.

This adjustability feature is important for use with Raman samples like organic material, dark surfaces, or other samples that have low burn tolerances. This series is available in three different configurations- the Ramulaser portable laser accessory, the Ramulaser for vials, and the Raman probe. To learn more about these configurations and their features, download the datasheet.