High Performance Q-Switched Lasers: Thor™ Series

Source: Cobolt AB

High Performance Q-Switched Lasers: Thor™ Series

Cobolt’s Thor™ Series of Q-switched lasers operate at 1064nm and are ideal for micro-dissection, MALDI-TOF, range finding, Raman-LIDAR, micro-marking, and micro-machining. They provide up to 1.0 W average output power, >7kHz pulse repetition rate, <5ns pulse width, and 150µj pulse energy.

The output of the Thor™ Q-switched laser is in a perfect TEM00 beam with single-frequency spectral characteristics. Each laser is equipped with a pulse-count feedback loop to achieve a minimum drift in output power and repetition rate. The loop also provides a pulse-trig output signal for convenient detection system synchronization.

To learn more about the features and specifications on the Thor™ Series, download the datasheet.