Lasers Products & Services

  1. Ultrafast FemtoFiber Lasers

    The new FemtoFiber laser systems from TOPTICA are completely fiber based lasers with a master oscillator and amplifier that are integrated with ultrafast laser technologies. These lasers include the FemtroFiber ultra, FemtoFiber pro, FemtoFiber smart series, as well as the FemtoFiber dichro, which are choice solutions for life science, time-domain terahertz spectroscopy, attosecond science, and other material processing applications.

  2. Helios Laser Power Meter For Industrial Automation

    The Helios is a laser power meter designed for the measurement of high-power lasers in industrial processing applications. It measures an array of high-power solid state lasers such as diode, fiber, and YAG lasers with powers ranging from 100 W to 12 kW and energies ranging from 10 J to 10 kJ. 

  3. Laser Sensors For High Power Lasers Without Water Cooling

    Ophir Photonics offers a series of thermal laser sensors designed for measuring high pulse laser energies without the need for large, water-cooled devices. The L40(150)A, L40(150)A-LP1, L50(150)A, and L30C-LP1-26-SH use short laser pulses of 0.1 to 1 second to make laser power measurements up to 8000 W or higher.

  4. High Sensitivity Thermal Sensor: 3A-PF-12

    The 3A-PF-12 from Ophir is a highly sensitive thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor designed for use with short pulsed lasers. Features include a 12 mm aperture, a measurement range from 15 µW to 3 W and from 20 µJ to 2 J, and a spectral range from 0.15 to 20 µm.

  5. InGaAs Linear Photodiode Arrays: LBD/LSB Series

    The LBD/LSB Series from Sensors Unlimited generally is used for monitoring optical performance of S, C, & L band channels in DWDM networks, and for agricultural sorting, biomedical analysis, thermal imaging, and industrial process control.

  6. Fiber-Coupled, Multi-Single Emitter Modules

    DILAS has expanded its portfolio of fiber-coupled, multi-single emitter modules to include two new models with output powers of 2.4 W at 405nm, or 3 W at 450 nm in a 200 μm fiber core with a NA 0.22. These new visible diode lasers reflect DILAS’ expertise in beam shaping and fiber coupling, resulting in high power, enhanced scalability, high beam quality, and fiber coupling efficiency.

  7. Near-Infrared Detectors

    Opto Diode's new series of near-infrared (NIR) detectors are designed for back-facet laser monitoring applications that require improved performance in the NIR spectrum from 700 nm to 1100 nm. These new photodiodes maximize measurement repeatability and offer a low-cost solution for NIR wavebands.

  8. 137 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

    The 137 Series Optical Thickness Gauge from Bristol Instruments is a non-contact instrument designed to accurately and reliably measure the absolute thickness of a variety of transparent, translucent, and some visually opaque materials. The thickness gauge utilizes interferometer-based wavelength meter technology, and includes a super-luminescent LED (SLED), an interferometer assembly, and a digital processor, all housed within a single chassis. The system also comes with an optical probe, a fiber-optic patch cord, and Bristol’s Opti-Cal­ software.

  9. Qioptiq iFLEX-iRISTM High-Resolution Compact Lasers

    The Qioptiq iFLEX-iRISTM solid-state laser systems are highly-stable diode laser sources designed with long-term power stability and reliable performance. These lasers feature a miniaturized footprint for easy integration, and an active temperature control providing allowing lasers to be mode-hop free and wavelength stabilized in demanding life science applications.

  10. Light Sources

    Laser and other light source technologies are relevant to an incalculable amount of applications in today’s world. OptoSigma proudly offers a wide variety of lasers, detectors, laser safety equipment including laser shield curtains and laser protective eyewear, and other illumination systems including LEDs, ring illuminations, and fiber illuminations, to cover all types of light source applications.