Lasers Products & Services

  1. Laser Spot Size and Position Monitoring for YAG and Fiber Lasers: BeamWatch®

    The BeamWatch® system instantly measures the focus spot size of high power YAG, fiber, diode, and disk lasers and dynamically measures focal plane location during start-up. It uses disruptive technology to monitor a laser beam at frequent intervals without having to shut down the process or remove tooling features to make adjustments.

  2. DynaFiz™ Dynamic Laser Interferometer Interferometer

    The DynaFiz™ interferometer is a high performance laser interferometer designed to measure the surface form of optics in the presence of turbulent air, or in environments susceptible to extreme vibrations.  The system’s long life, high powered HeNe laser source enables reliable metrology at the camera’s maximum shutter speeds of cavities with low reflectivity.   This proprietary laser and optimized optical system in the DynaFiz system  allows the interferometer to “freeze” the vibration during acquisition so that dynamic metrology can be conducted in environments that are too violent for traditional temporal phase shifting.

  3. Beamsplitters for High Power Laser Applications

    PG&O’s latest beamsplitters features a 200:1 extinction ratio, thus maximizing the split between S&P polarization. This can be a critical factor in many different high-power level tasks, particularly for optics applications up to 10J/cm2 pulsed and continuous wave.

  4. PD-LD for Locked-On and Focused Diode Laser Excellence

    A true diode laser alternative to time honored HeNe gas laser tubes is now available from PD-LD: the SLM-632.8 single longitudinal module.  The SLM-632.8 laser module beam quality and coherence length compares very favorably to traditional HeNe lasers from a compact, one-box design which is less than 90cm3 in volume.  The remarkable distinction between HeNe systems and the SLM-632.8 though, is the output power produced. This small form factor produces an output of 10x or more power, 40mW minimum, while consuming less than 7W.  Wavelength stabilization is also key to true single frequency performance.  PD-LD’s patented Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) technology ensures wavelength locked performance to 10MHz linewidths over a wide operating temperature range.  Power stability for the SLM is better than 0.2% over hours of use providing new application opportunities in a variety of industrial and scientific market segments.

  5. Adjustable Power Raman Laser: Ramulaser™

    StellarNet’s RamulaserTM line is a series of low cost Raman lasers that come in rugged metal enclosures with 8-hour battery packs for portability. The 785nm and 1064nm entries in this series come equipped with power adjustment dials for operation in step increments to the highest 499mW output power.

  6. Narrow Linewidth Dye Laser: Vista™

    Continuum’s VistaTM is a narrow linewidth dye laser with greater than 30% efficiency in both the fundamental and UV wavelengths. Its 0.03cm-1 and 0.05cm-1 linewidth selection makes it ideal for low resolution studies and its <0.2% ASE allows for the best possible signal strength.

  7. Diode Pumped Laser for Material Processing: Mesa™

    The MesaTM is a diode pumped laser that has been optimized for Ti: Sapphire ultrafast amplifier pumping at 6-10 GHz. Its high power/energy, high uptime, precise depth control, fast cutting/drilling, superior beam quality, small spot size, and high throughput make is especially ideal for materials processing applications.

  8. Lasers for Communications Applications

    Modulight offers lasers for laser cinema and projectors, laser shows and simulators, and display backlighting. Solid-state visible lasers provide unparalleled brightness and color, better power, and higher efficiency than what current conventional lamp technology provides. In some cases, they’ve even been integrated into flat panel displays and television for backlighting.

  9. Lasers for Defense and Security Applications

    Modulight offers a wide variety of lasers for range-finding, scanning, pointing and illumination, perimeter security, hazardous gas monitoring, and other defense and security related applications. The lineup includes models with variations in wavelength and power so the most ideal solution can be implemented for the project.

  10. Laser For Medical Applications

    Lasers are widely used for medical applications. Semiconductor lasers are especially ideal for this market due to their wavelength versatility and their customizable output power and beam delivery.