Lasers Products & Services

  1. Near-Infrared Detectors

    Opto Diode's new series of near-infrared (NIR) detectors are designed for back-facet laser monitoring applications that require improved performance in the NIR spectrum from 700 nm to 1100 nm. These new photodiodes maximize measurement repeatability and offer a low-cost solution for NIR wavebands.

  2. 137/157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

    The 137/157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge from Bristol Instruments is a non-contact instrument designed to accurately and reliably measure the absolute thickness of a variety of transparent, translucent, and some visually opaque materials. The thickness gauge utilizes proven interferometer-based wavelength meter technology to provide the most reliable measurement results.

    • Thickness is measured to an accuracy of ± 0.1 μm
    • Exceptional long-term measurement repeatability of ± 0.02 μm
    • Measurement traceability to NIST standards
    • Broad measurement range of 25 μm to 8 mm
    • Simultaneous measurement of multiple layers
    • Non-contact measurement results in non-destructive testing
    • Rugged design for laboratory and manufacturing environments
    • Integrated 8 channel optical switch ideal for production environment 
  3. Qioptiq iFLEX-iRISTM High-Resolution Compact Lasers

    The Qioptiq iFLEX-iRISTM solid-state laser systems are highly-stable diode laser sources designed with long-term power stability and reliable performance. These lasers feature a miniaturized footprint for easy integration, and an active temperature control providing allowing lasers to be mode-hop free and wavelength stabilized in demanding life science applications.

  4. Light Sources

    Laser and other light source technologies are relevant to an incalculable amount of applications in today’s world. OptoSigma proudly offers a wide variety of lasers, detectors, laser safety equipment including laser shield curtains and laser protective eyewear, and other illumination systems including LEDs, ring illuminations, and fiber illuminations, to cover all types of light source applications.

  5. Warrior Illuminator: Covert Laser Illumination

    The Warrior Illuminator is a lightweight, field ready, Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) covert laser illuminator designed to enhance and extend ID-quality SWIR imagery even in complete darkness. Made to easily mount into the hot shoe of the Canon 5D Camera, this class 4 laser is able to operate on battery life for up to 2.5 hours.

  6. 100kW Laser Power/Energy Sensor: Very High Power

    The 100kW Laser Power/Energy Sensor is designed to measure high laser power/energy from 1000W to 100,000W with up to a 200mm aperture, and a spectral range of 0.8-1.1μm. It is designed for a laser beam expanded to 100mm diameter in order to hit its deflecting cone.

  7. Photodiode Laser Power/Energy Sensors: PD300 Series

    This series of photodiode laser power and energy sensors features a very large dynamic range, a swivel mount for places that are difficult to measure, filter in/filter out options, and patented automatic background subtraction. They're available for general laser power and energy sensing applications, as well as applications that call for powers to 1W and 3W, or a sensor with a thin profile for a tight fit into a measurement system or set up.

  8. Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Pump Module

    This diode laser pump module has been developed for Ytterbium fiber laser pumping applications and in medical or materials processing applications. It offers up to 30W laser power from a 105µm pigtailed fiber into a 0.15 numerical aperture at 915nm or 976nm (with optional wavelength stabilization from 976nm-VGB).

  9. M2 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer: M2-200s

    M2 measurements determine a laser beam’s waist width and divergence and measures how closely a beam’s mode content correlates to a pure TEM00 (transverse electromagnetic mode) beam – indicating the quality of the laser under test.

  10. Digital Encoder Galvano Scanner: GM-1000 Series

    The GM-1000 series of digital encoder galvano scanners is comprised of four different models with variations in beam diameter, scan angles, small step response, and resolution. Each model has a compact physical profile, super low thermal drift, and extreme high resolution, precision, and accuracy.