Superpolishing Capabilities

Source: G&H

Superpolishing processes deliver Scratch-Dig of 5-2, less than 0.5 Å of surface roughness, and zero defects at 300x magnification for ring laser gyroscope mirrors, R&D applications, short wavelength and ultrafast lasers.

Most superpolished optics are supplied with polished or acid-etched outside diameters and bevels. These extra refinements add to the level of cleanliness and durability of the components. Superpolished materials include N-BK7, calcium fluoride, crystal quartz, fused silica, sapphire, silicon carbide, YAG and Nd:YAG, and ZERODUR®.

G&H also offers customer-supplied substrate polishing services, including SiC cladding with IBS coatings to ensure the finest possible final surface finish. Lastly, G&H supplies optical coatings on the finished mirror.

To learn more about G&H's Superpolishing Capabilities, click here or download the available datasheet.