High Power Beam Splitter With Dielectric Coating

Source: Laser Components USA, Inc.

Laser Components' double beam splitter has combined both a beam splitter and a polarizer into one component, saving space in setup and time in servicing. This beam splitter consists of a combined beam with the wavelengths 1030 nm and 515 nm split in such a way that 50% of each of the beam components is reflected or transmitted, despite the different polarization of the two wavelengths.

With frequency doubling, the wavelength is divided in half and the polarization rotated, allowing green p-pole radiation to be generated from infrared s-pole. It is now possible to create individual adaptations of the reflection/transmission ratio according to your requirements, as well as changes to the polarization and wavelengths.

Product Features Include:

  • suitable for high power applications
  • less material needed in transmission compared to beam splitter cubes
  • standard, polarization independent, and double wavelength splitter options

Download the available datasheet for more information.