871 Series Laser Wavelength Meter

Source: Bristol Instruments, Inc.
871 Series Laser Wavelength Meter

The 871 Series Laser Wavelength Meter uses a proven Fizeau etalon-based design to measure the wavelength of both pulsed and CW lasers that operate from 375 nm to 2.5 μm.

The model 871A is the most precise, measuring wavelength to an accuracy of ± 0.2 parts per million (± 0.0001 nm at 500 nm). For experiments that are less exacting, the model 871B is a lower-priced alternative with an accuracy of ± 0.75 parts per million (± 0.001 nm at 1500 nm).

Automatic calibration with a built-in wavelength standard guarantees this performance to ensure the most meaningful experimental results. Download the product brochure and datasheet for additional information.