Integrating Sphere Detector For Laser Power Measurement Up To 9 W: IS12L-9S-RSI-INT-D0

Gentec - laser power meter

The IS12L-9S-RSI-INT-D0 is an integrating sphere detector designed for laser power measurement up to 9 W. It has fast response time, high average power capabilities, and a resistant coating.

The detector offers two output options, INTEGRA with USB or RS-232, and is compatible with the STAND-S-443 stand. It has received recognition for its innovative technology and comes with specific measurement capabilities, physical characteristics, and ordering information. With a maximum average power of 9 W, a spectral range of 340-1100 nm, and a rise time of 0.2 s, this detector is a reliable choice for laser power measurement applications.

Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.