Laser Energy Meter For Beams Up To 195 mm Ø: Discover The QE195LP-S-MB

Gentec -  QE195LP-S-MB

Extra-large, high-energy pulsed beams up to 195 mm Ø can now be measured with the new QE195LP-S-MB pyroelectric detector.

The new QE195LP-S-MB features an effective aperture of 195 mm. These measurement instruments were designed to meet the needs of laser scientists and engineers in industries such as high-energy laser science, advanced materials research and processing, energy production, and fusion research.

Custom-Built Solution

The QE195LP-S-MB is a custom-built laser energy detector. Therefore, it can be customized to meet any specific requirements customers have.

Precise, Traceable Calibration

All detectors in the QE series come with a NIST-traceable calibration for their entire calibrated spectral range. This ensures that the measurements taken by the instruments are reliable and accurate, allowing customers to make valid comparisons with measurements taken by other instruments inside and outside their organization over time.

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