Lenses Products

  1. Xenon-Emerald High-Quality Lenses for Industrial Applications

    These Xenon-Emerald Lenses are ideal for industrial applications like machine vision, quality control, web & surface inspection and line scanning. These compact and robust optics offer low distortion, uniform performance across the focal plane and an image circle of 43.2mm. Offered in several optimized model variants for short working distances and Infinity. These lockable optics feature a wide range coating of 400 to 1000nm for use in the visible and infrared spectrums. These lenses are available in F, M42, or Canon camera mounts.

  2. 2/3” format (11mm Image Circle) Lenses

    Schneider Optics’ 2/3" compact C-Mount lenses are optically corrected and broadband coated for the spectral range of 400-1000nm(VIS+NIR) on megapixel cameras. They are ideal for applications involving security, machine vision, 2D/3D measurements, traffic control and surveillance, food processing, biometrics, automotive crash testing, and defect detection classification. These compact, C-Mount lenses are also ideal for medical, robot vision, packaging, web inspection, and aerospace applications.

  3. TECHSPEC Mid Wave IR Achromatic Lenses
    Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces its new TECHSPEC Mid Wave IR Achromatic Lenses. These high performance lenses are ideal components for use by designers and researchers working in the 3-5 µm spectral region.
  4. Commercial Grade Achromat Lenses
    Anchor Optics Commercial Grade Achromats are optimized to correct for on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations. They have a single layer MgF2 anti-reflective coating and offer standard designs which are available on an ongoing basis. Due to their excellent price, Anchor Optics achromats are recommended for volume buyers and OEMs. Request your free catalog for complete product information.
  5. Objective Lenses For C-Mount Cameras
    Sofradir-EC offers a wide range of objective lenses designed for 1" C-mount cameras and viewers.
  6. Ball Lenses For Fiber-To-Fiber, Diode-To-Fiber And Fiber-To-Detector Applications
    Ball lenses from DSI are affordable, durable and feature very low insertion loss. DSI's new IsoSphere™ Ball Lenses are scratch-resistant, antireflection (AR) coated, and available in sizes from 200 microns to 10.0 mm diameter
  7. Finite Imaging Lenses
    Sunex Inc. is pleased to introduce a new finite imaging lens family and design capability. Many applications today require that CMOS or CCD imaging lenses be optimized for a finite object, that is, for an object distance of less than about 250mm
  8. Windows & Lenses
    REFLEXAnalytical offers the largest selection of VUV (vacuum ultraviolet
  9. Sapphire Lenses
    A full line of sapphire lenses that are designed for use in near IR laser systems such as Erbium and Holmium medical lasers...
  10. Lenses
    Custom designs including odd shapes, sections, and center holes are standard fare