Lenses Products

  1. Motorized C-Mount Compact Lenses

    Cinegon, Xenoplan, and Tele-Xenar C-mount industrial compact lenses by Schneider Optics are now available with an integrated motorized iris. This is especially useful in applications that are subjected to variable light conditions when an object’s brightness changes over time.

  2. Micro Lenses

    Applications that involve minimally invasive/micro surgery require precise visualization in very small spaces. Precision Optics, through the use of their proprietary microprecision™ technology, has the ability to develop micro optic lenses, precision lenses, and micro objective lenses as small as 0.37mm in diameter.

  3. Silverline F-Theta Lenses for High Power and Picosecond Lasers

    Jenoptik will be presenting its Silverline F-Theta lens range for high-power disc as well as fiber and picosecond laser applications at Photonics West. This new range completes the existing range of full fused-silica lenses for high-performance lasers. As a new member of the product family, the JENar® F-Theta lens for 532 nanometers is being introduced with focal lengths of 170 and 250 millimeters for use in high-energy picosecond laser applications.

  4. Xenon Ruby Lenses

    These xenon-ruby C-mount lenses are available in 2.2/10mm, 2.3/16mm, 2.2/25mm and 2.3/35mm focal lengths. They’re ideal for applications involving machine vision, 2D/3D measurement, traffic control, and surveillance and security systems. These lenses have specifically been designed for 1/1.8” sensors.

  5. C-Mount Lenses

    Schneider Optics designs and manufactures C-Mount lenses for integration into megapixel cameras that are used in industrial inspection, robotics, machine vision, postal sorting, document scanning, and medical applications. These high resolution megapixel lenses are designed for 400-700nm operation and feature robust mechanical construction. Some lenses in the C-Mount line are available with fixed or variable focal lengths ranging from 4.8mm to 100mm for megapixel cameras with 1/2”, 2/3”, and 1” integrated image sensors. These same lenses can be controlled manually or through motorized control, and also feature an extended iris adjustment range for use in extreme illumination conditions.

  6. Compact C-Mount Lenses

    In addition to the visible/near IR 2/3” compact C-mount lens family from Schneider Optics, there are two 5-megapixel lenses for 3.45-micron pixel sizes. There are two 1” format lenses that cover an image circle of 16 mm. And there are a number of 1.3” format lenses that cover an image circle of 22 mm.

  7. Xenon-Sapphire 16K Line Scan Lenses

    Web and surface inspection applications require high resolution line scan lenses to guarantee error detection in manufacturing and in the quality insurance process. Xenon-Sapphire lenses are the first choice for FPD and PCB inspection systems for this very reason. A high resolution camera’s performance abilities can be very limited if a high quality lens isn’t used. These particular lenses were specifically designed for use in conjunction with new 16K line scan sensors. Each lens has been designed for a specific magnification range to maximize optical performance.

  8. Ruggedized Compact C-Mount Lenses

    Ruggedized lenses start as standard lenses. They are then completely disassembled, get a thread-locking compound placed on its internal threads and retaining rings, receive an application specific fixed iris (optional), and finally reassembled, tested, and shipped. Schneider Optics’ standard megapixel lenses can withstand common vibrations encountered in industrial environments. In some instances though, lenses are exposed to high vibration or high-G shocks. For those circumstances, or for mission ciritical applications when lenses must not fail, rugged and compact C-mount lenses are available.

  9. Machine Vision Lenses – Lenses for Large Format Sensors

    Schneider Optics offers lenses designed to be used in combination with large format linear and megapixel area scan CCD and CMOS Cameras, and high resolution lenses ideal for linescan applications. These machine vision lenses break into three separate product groups:

  10. 12K High Resolution Lenses

    Schneider Optics offers 12K high resolution lenses ideal for line scan applications, and other web and surface inspection applications. These lenses feature high optical resolution for small pixel sizes down to 5 µm, low distortion for excellent imaging accuracy, and more.