Lenses Products

  1. Sapphire Lenses
    A full line of sapphire lenses that are designed for use in near IR laser systems such as Erbium and Holmium medical lasers, and in harsh environments
  2. CCTV Lenses
    These CCTV (closed circuit television) lenses are used in vision sensor and machine vision applications
  3. Zoom Machine Micro Lenses
    These Zoom Machine Micro Lenses (MLZ) are for use with 1/2 and 1/3 inch CCD camera's providing low TV distortion for machine vision, alignment and surface inspection applications
  4. NIR Lenses
    These 25 mm and 100 mm f/1.4 NIR lenses are designed for the U.S. Army Night Vision Directorate
  5. Lenses
    Lenses with focal lengths from 30-1019 mm are ideal for general-purpose applications such as building telescopes, mode matching, or simple beam collimation
  6. Optical Lenses and Windows
    Custom fabricated lenses and windows for applications such as industrial, medical, and environmental gas analyzers, laboratory equipment, lasers, missile systems, temperature sensors, viewport assemblies, and fire detectors are available from Meller Optic
  7. Gradient Index Lenses
    Axial gradient index lenses are available in crown glass
  8. Aspheric Lenses and Broadband Mirrors
    A kit of six aspheric lenses includes components ranging from 4.0 to 9.9 mm in diameter