NightCrawlIR™ HD MWIR Lens Series

Source: G&H

The G&H NightCrawlIR series utilizes unique aperture-specific foreoptics and a modular base to maximize performance, while staying budget-friendly. These lenses are purpose-built from the ground up for the demands of high resolution applications.

Each lens in the NightCrawlIR™ series is ruggedized for tactical application with a sealed front lens flange interface. Also included are additional features for convenient payload, enclosure, and dewar installation. All lenses ship standard with a StingWare™ controller that features metric zoom, metric focus, and active athermalization functionalities. The controller leverages integrated hardware on the lens cells to minimize system hysteresis to accurately and repeatedly report back exact focal length and object distances. This means never losing steps, no drift over temperature. For more information on the NightCrawlIR™ series of lenses, download the available datasheet.