Editor’s Picks

  1. Insights Into Micromillimeters: Robot 'NanoZoomer' Shows High-Resolution Images Of Cells And Tissue
    “TIGA,” the new high-tech imaging center at the University of Heidelberg founded in cooperation with the Japanese company Hamamatsu, provides deep insights: a high-tech robot makes it possible for the first time to automatically reproduce and evaluate tissue slices only micromillimeters thick — an important aid for researchers in understanding cancer or in following in detail the effect of treatment on cells and tissue.
  2. MicroDisplay Inks Development Deal with Hansol
    MicroDisplay Corp. has signed a contract with Hansol Electronics for the development of a rear-projection monitor featuring a high-resolution LCOS microdisplay.
  3. Berkeley Lab Breaks Ground On New Solar Energy Research Facility

    Efforts to find alternative fuels from sunlight will be getting some needed help soon as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) broke ground on its latest research facility, the Solar Energy Research Center (SERC). The three-story structure will be nearly 40,000 sq. ft. in size and will house approximately 75 people.

  4. Carbon Nanotubes Could Be Ideal Optical Antennae
    Just as walkie-talkies transmit and receive radio waves, carbon nanotubes can transmit and receive light at the nanoscale, Cornell researchers have discovered. By Anne Ju
  5. Conix Research Announces Its Newest Innovation In Microscope Automation, The Precision Ballscrew Stage
    Conix Research Inc. announced today, its newest innovation in microscope automation, the Precision Ballscrew Stage. The new product provides accurate positioning for many applications including the automation of microscope focusing to obtain precise optical sections of sub-micron measurements, confocal microscopy, deconvolution, lineage analysis, and 3-D reconstruction. By Conix Research Inc.
  6. Dainippon Licenses Research Frontiers Technology for "Smart" Windows
    Research Frontiers Inc. (Woodbury, NY) has granted a non-exclusive license to Japan-based Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Inc...
  7. SDL Teams With Alcatel For Submarine 980-nm Pump Lasers
    Diode laser specialist SDL Inc. and telecommunications giant Alcatel have announced a joint venture to deliver high-power 980-nm pump modules for deployment in the latest generation of undersea communications networks
  8. Opto Diode Introduces Wide-Emission, High-Power IR LEDs
    Opto Diode, a division of ITW, and a member of the ITW Photonics Group, introduces the first of a family of three new infrared (IR) emitters.
  9. U.S. Army Awards Lockheed Martin $184.3M To Begin Work On Additional Persistent Threat Detection Systems
    Lockheed Martin recently received a $184.3M undefinitized contract agreement from the U.S. Army to begin production of 29 additional Persistent Threat Detection Systems (PTDS) to support coalition forces in Afghanistan.
  10. Researchers Create Nanowire Coating For Bone Implants, Stents
    University of Arkansas researchers have found a simple, inexpensive way to create a nanowire coating on the surface of biocompatible titanium that can be used to create more effective surfaces for hip replacement, dental reconstruction and vascular stenting