Editor’s Picks

  1. Resolve Optics Now Offers Custom Non Browning Lenses
    Resolve Optics Ltd. offers a custom OEM design and manufacture service for organisations requiring non browning fixed focus or zoom lenses optimised to their application.
  2. Andor EMCCD Camera Leads Search For Earth-Like Exoplanets

    The prospect of success in the search for Earth-like exoplanets capable of supporting life is being enhanced with the adoption of the Andor iXon 897 EMCCD camera. The ultra-sensitive EMCCD device was chosen by the Stellar Observation Network Group (SONG) following a study led by Kennet Harpsoe from the Centre for Star and Planet Formation in Copenhagen.

  3. Boeing Laser Avenger Shoots Down Unmanned Aerial Vehicle In Tests
    The Boeing Company has successfully demonstrated that a laser system mounted on an Avenger combat vehicle can shoot down a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) like those that increasingly threaten U.S. troops deployed in war zones
  4. Photon Inc And TeraComm Announce The Expansion Of Their Representation Agreement
    Photon Inc and TeraComm are pleased to announce the expansion of their representation agreement to cover the entire East Coast.
  5. Pacer Introduces Fiber Optic Components To Meet Exacting Requirements
    Pacer USA LLC, specialist supplier of optoelectronic components, systems and displays, has announced the launch of the AFE range of fiber optic components and related services
  6. Small Form Factor Industrial PCs Target Implementers Of Machine Vision, Automation
    The Value Engineering Alliance (VEA) announces the availability of the EASY (Embedded Application SYstem), an innovative PC-compatible, industrial computer and machine vision implementation platform
  7. Optical Properties Of Single Crystal Materials
    There has been very little written of a practical nature regarding the information needed when specifying single crystal materials for an order- or quotation. This article will hope to address that lack of practical information in as simple a way as possible. By Ronald Kappler, Meller Optics, Inc.
  8. Application Brief: Identification Technologies International, Inc.
    Security systems based on facial identification are right around the corner...
  9. Quantum Correlation Can Imply Causation

    Research from the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics shows that in quantum mechanics, certain kinds of observations will let you distinguish whether there is a common cause or a cause-effect relation between two variables.

  10. Fermi Large Area Telescope Reveals Pulsing Gamma-Ray Sources
    Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Space Science Division and a team of international researchers have positively identified cosmic sources of gamma-ray emissions through the discovery of 16 pulsating neutron stars.