Editor’s Picks

  1. A Major Breakthrough In Quantum Information Transfer Between Matter And Light

    Skip stationary qubits qubit flying at speeds never reached before ... This feat achieved by a team of Polytechnique Montreal and CNRS in France us one step closer to the era where information is processed and transmitted by fully quantum principles.

  2. Continuously Variable Apodizing Filters Eliminate Intensity Variations In Optical Systems
    Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, presents their new Continuously Variable Apodizing Filters, which are used to eliminate undesirable intensity variations and create an even illumination profile in an optical system...
  3. Experts To Offer New Vision For Innovation In Tough Times
    Radically new approaches are required for transforming breakthrough technology into new business and staying viable in the current economy, say innovation experts who will present at the SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit in the Silicon Valley-San Francisco area next month
  4. Low-Cost 5 MP Basler 'Ace' Cameras Enter Series Production
    Basler has started series production of the next ace area scan camera models, and customer demand has already exceeded Basler’s expectations.
  5. Luxtera Wins 2007 AeA High Tech Award
    Luxtera Inc., the world leader in CMOS Photonics, recently announced it is the High Tech Award winner in the Semiconductors, Industrial & Analytical Instrumentation category of awards presented by AeA’s San Diego Chapter
  6. Photonics West '99 Student Travel Grants
    Photonics Online announces the first annual Photonics West student travel grant program...
  7. New 'Broadband' Cloaking Technology Simple To Manufacture
    Researchers have created a new type of invisibility cloak that is simpler than previous designs and works for all colors of the visible spectrum, making it possible to cloak larger objects than before and possibly leading to practical applications in "transformation optics."...
  8. 3-D Imaging: First Insights Into Magnetic Fields
    3-D images are not only useful in medicine; the observation of internal structures is also invaluable in many other fields of scientific investigation
  9. Mini-Projectors - Maximum Performance
    Almost no public presentation today is made without projectors. As the years pass, these devices keep getting smaller – and handier. A market with immense growth potential: According to estimates, by 2012 up to 45 million units are expected to sell worldwide.
  10. LED Pulser Developed By Sandia Delivers Laser-Like Performance At Fraction Of The Cost

    When Sandia National Laboratories electronics engineer Chris Carlen got enthusiastic about flashlights containing high-power light-emitting devices (LEDs), he didn’t expect his hobby to lead to the creation of a new, high-speed LED driver that delivers lighting performance that exceeds that of conventional sources at a fraction of the cost.