Editor’s Picks

  1. FLIR Announces High-Resolution Infrared Camera For R&D Applications
    FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) Group has announced the release of its new FLIR SC655, a high-resolution uncooled infrared camera designed specifically for scientific and research and development applications.
  2. HEIDENHAIN Offers Bearingless Technology Enabling Angle Encoder
    A new series of bearingless angle encoders, the ERP 4080 and the ERP 8080 modular angle encoders, are now being introduced to the marketplace from HEIDENHAIN Corporation
  3. Nicolet Wins Spectroscopy Contract From China
    Thermo Optek Corp. (Waltham, MA) subsidiary Nicolet Instrument Corp. (Madison, WI) has received an order for more than $500,000 in spectroscopic analysis systems
  4. New Nanomaterial Maintains Conductivity In Three Dimensions

    An international team of scientists has developed what may be the first one-step process for making seamless carbon-based nanomaterials that possess superior thermal, electrical and mechanical properties in three dimensions.

  5. NIR Trends: Machine Vision In The Short Wave Infrared
    Manufacturers have used cameras to monitor their processes since the first industrial cameras were made available. What do you do when there are no visible differences to distinguish good product from bad?
  6. Gamma Scientific Offers New Spectral Measurement / Goniometric System For LEDs
    Gamma Scientific introduces the RadOMA-LED Goniometric System for fast, highly accurate and repeatable, LED angular and LED spectral measurements. The new system combines the RadOMA multi-element array technology with the high sensitivity of backside-thinned CCD detector technology, available only with Gamma’s 940 LED measurement goniometer
  7. Future 'Comb On A Chip': NIST's Compact Frequency Comb Could Go Places
    Laser frequency combs—extraordinarily precise tools for measuring frequencies (or colors) of light—have helped propel advances in timekeeping, trace gas detection and related physics research to new heights in the past decade.
  8. OEM Driver For Miniature Positioning Systems Is Small And Affordable

    PI (Physik Instrumente) LP recently announced a new OEM driver for miniaturized piezo inertia positioning stages. Applications include precision opto-mechanical alignment, bio-medical instrumentation, photonics alignment automation, microscopy, micro-manipulation.

  9. Want To Up Your Photography Game? Next Generation Of EOS Cameras From Canon Bring Image Quality Up A Notch

    Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, supports those looking to advance their skills by continuously developing and evolving its gear. Today, the company announced their latest additions to its all-encompassing lineup of digital cameras: the EOS M50 Interchangeable Lens Camera, the first Canon EOS M-series camera with 4K video recording which is four-times the size of full HD 1080, and the EOS Rebel T7, the latest addition to the wildly popular EOS Rebel line of entry-level DSLR Cameras, with an upgraded CMOS sensor to deliver sharp, high-resolution images to capture life’s key moments.

  10. Laser Beam Technique Developed For Drawing Blood

    With research support from the University of Central Florida, medical device startup NoNeedles Venipuncture is working to develop a new device that uses lasers instead of needles to collect blood samples.