Editor’s Picks

  1. Rapid Testing Of Food Quality

    Whether fruit, meat or cheese – the quality of food is not always as consumers would like it to be. But, in future, a spectrometer will allow them to gage the quality of food before they buy it.

  2. New Test To Improve Commercial Viability Of Printable Electronics

    Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have developed a new, non-destructive method of detecting the orientation of molecules in organic semiconductor transistors using Raman spectroscopy.

  3. Reflex Photonics LightABLE Embedded Transceivers Demonstrate Their Ruggedness With Successful Accelerated Life Testing

    A group of modules from the LightABLE LH product series were submitted to a “Lifetime Test” against MIL-STD-883J, method 1005, cond. D, June 2013. The test is conducted at a case temperature of 100 °C, 15 °C more than the recommended maximum operating temperature.

  4. Ocean Optics Awards Blue Ocean Grants

    Ocean Optics is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Blue Ocean Grants, an open innovation program seeking novel ideas and technologies with the ultimate potential to change the world for the better and lead to eventual market commercialization.

  5. Ophir Photonics Announces New Features For StarBright, Advanced Laser Power/Energy Meter

    The new update to the StarBright handheld laser power/energy meter is the ability to measure the instantaneous power of a laser pulse. This is especially useful for measuring lasers in high power applications. StarBright can now also be used to measure total energy exposure with a Photodiode sensor, a big plus for photolithography applications.

  6. EWI’s Kelly To Deliver Keynote Speech On Laser Tech and Metal Additive Manufacturing At LME 2016

    Advanced manufacturing technology expert and EWI Additive Manufacturing Consortium Director Dr. Shawn Kelly will provide a keynote address on Laser Technology and Metal Additive Manufacturing at the 2016 Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME), beginning at 2:15 PM on April 26 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA. By Kathy

  7. Avanex demonstrating new PowerMux(TM) prototype at NFOEC 2001
    Avanex Corporation, the global provider of photonic processors that enable next-generation performance for optical communications networks, is demonstrating a prototype of the newest member of its PowerMux(TM) family of wavelength channel processors at NFOEC 2001.
  8. Electrical Quantum States Translated To Optical Ones

    Using a piezoelectric optomechanical crystal to generate a strong optical response, a UC Santa Barbara team has demonstrated a nanomechanical interface between optics and electronics, the first — and arguably the most challenging — step toward enabling ultrafast, quantum-encrypted communications and fundamental quantum physics studies.

  9. Anasys Licenses ORNL Nanoscale Mass Spectrometry Imaging Technology

    Anasys Instruments Corp. has licensed a Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory technology that allows for simultaneous chemical and physical characterization and could lead to advances in materials and drug development.

  10. "Tall" Crystals From Tiny Templates
    Researchers are making 3-D photonic band gap crystals four millimeters square and 12 layers high without benefit of a “clean room” environment or the multimillion dollar equipment traditionally required to create such structures...