Editor’s Picks

  1. Tiny Works Of Art With Great Potential

    Unlike classical crystals, quasicrystals do not comprise periodic units, even though they do have a superordinate structure. The formation of the fascinating mosaics that they produce is barely understood.

  2. New LIBS Imaging Modules Launched
    Ocean Optics introduces two add-on imaging modules that directly attach to the company's LIBS-SC Sample Chamber. The LIBS-IM and LIBS-IM-C Imaging Modules enable users to magnify a sample image and to establish precisely a laser ablation target on the sample
  3. Newport Introduces Basic Spherical Lens Kits

    Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in photonics solutions, is introducing convenient spherical lens kits for popular plano-convex or bi-convex lenses.

  4. Modular LED Test System Provides Spectral Measurement Of Devices, Arrays, And Assemblies
    Edmund Optics (EO), a provider of optical components and tools, recently announced the availability of its MLED modular LED test and measurement system. Available in three configurations for discrete LEDs, arrays, and assemblies, MLED test systems offer complete spectral measurements in compliance with CIE-127 design requirements
  5. New Light In Terahertz Window

    The terahertz range is one of the last sections of the electromagnetic spectrum – which extends from radio waves through optical applications right up to X-ray radiation – that is still rarely used in everyday life.

  6. World's Highest Quantum Efficiency UV Photodetectors Created

    Researchers from Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed the world's highest quantum efficiency ultraviolet (UV) photodetector, an advance in technology that could aid in the detection of missiles and chemical and biological threats.

  7. Optical Antimatter Structure Shows The Way For New Superlens
    Scientists at Berkeley Lab and the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems-CNR in Naples, Italy have experimentally demonstrated-for the first time-the concept of optical antimatter, in which light travels through a material without being distorted...
  8. Multiband Filters Feature Multiple Pass Bands On A Single Filter
    Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components and tools, introduces new Multiband Filters. These versatile multiband filters are ideal for real time live cell analysis and high speed imagery.
  9. Nano-Microscopy Reveals The Collective Transport Of Gold Atoms In Real-Time
    Researchers at Delft University of Technology used a High Resolution Electron Microscope to observe in real-time the collective transportation of gold atoms in a thin layer
  10. Laser Services’ New Marking Laser Helps Microcircuit Designers Improve Processing Yields

    Laser Services is announcing the acquisition of a new laser marking system that enables Laser Services to provide higher quality marking on a wider range of materials/surfaces, all facilitating a faster turn-around on marking requirements.