Editor’s Picks

  1. A Nano-Roundabout For Light

    Just like in normal road traffic, crossings are indispensable in optical signal processing. In order to avoid collisions, a clear traffic rule is required. A new method has now been developed at TU Wien to provide such a rule for light signals.

  2. Picosecond And Femtosecond Lasers Perform Previously Impossible Tasks
    Conventional production lasers have been successfully used for many years to perform manufacturing tasks ranging from scribing to drilling to cutting.
  3. Lynx LightLEADER Photonic Switch Series Adds Security-Intrusion Detection And Access Shut-off Systems
    At the McGraw-Hill Companies' Homeland Security Summit & Exposition in Washington today, Lynx Photonic Networks introduced two advanced systems to safeguard the security of critical optical communications facilities.
  4. Labsphere And Otsuka Launch HalfMoon
    Labsphere, a world leader in light testing and measurement and optical coatings, and Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd of Japan have collaborated to develop a new light measurement system.
  5. OSA’s Optics & Photonics News Wins 2017 APEX Award

    OSA Publishing is pleased to announce that the staff of Optics & Photonics News (OPN), The Optical Society’s news and member magazine, has received a 2017 APEX Grand Award for publication excellence.

  6. Thermal Imaging: How It Works

    Thermal imaging is simply made up of a thermal scene, a lens, a sensor, and a display. But how do you focus heat? What kind of sensor detects heat, and how do you display it? This article offers a short Infrared 101 overview, and covers fundamental terms and concepts of thermal imaging.

  7. Optical Surfaces Launches Debris Shields For High Power Laser Applications
    Drawing upon its considerable experience of serving high power laser facilities around the world - Optical Surfaces Ltd is recently acknowledged as a leading manufacturer and supplier of debris shields.
  8. Lockheed Martin’s New Center In Silicon Valley Maximizes Digital Technology To Shape Future Of Optical Payloads

    A new technology center in the heart of Silicon Valley will help Lockheed Martin advance optical systems that power innovations used in satellites, lasers, telescopes and targeting systems.

  9. New Technology Could Lead To Camera Based On Human Eye
    Digital cameras have transformed the world of photography. Now new technology inspired by the human eye could push the photographic image forward even more by producing improved images with a wider field of view
  10. First Broadband Wireless Connection…To The Moon?!

    If future generations were to live and work on the moon or on a distant asteroid, they would probably want a broadband connection to communicate with home bases back on Earth. They may even want to watch their favorite Earth-based TV show.