Precision Cutting/Scribing on Thin Flat Glass Substrates

Precision Cutting/Scribing on Thin Flat Glass Substrates

Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O®), a global expert in precision optics manufacturing, optical fabrication, and precision thin film coatings, offers precision glass cutting and scribing on thin flat substrates. In tasks that require thinner, lighter, and stronger thin-flat glass, such as cover glass, touch screens, electrochromic mirrors, and other information displays, PG&O provides scribing on flat glass surfaces that are also coated with various optical coatings.

PG&O uses the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® machines, from TLC International - manufacturers of high-accuracy mechanical glass cutting/scribing equipment, to provide optical fabrication with highly technical, precision cuts on thin flat substrates up to 24” x 24” (600 mm x 600 mm). PG&O’s TLC machine provides close-tolerance singulation of thin (0.002” – 0.125” / 0.075 mm – 3.000 mm) flat technical glass substrates, with repeatable accuracies of ±.002"/±.0508 mm for rectilinear (X-Y) and ±.003"/±.0762 mm for circular or free-form shaped parts - single sheet or laminate - using carbide and diamond wheels.  Laminated glass parts can also be processed, making this high-precision glass scribing capability ideal for a variety of commercial, biomedical, and military precision optics applications, such as avionics, aerospace, automotive, digital X-ray, entertainment lighting, satellites, consumer electronic displays, and more.

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