New Ultra-High Optical Output IR Emitters 850nm: OD-250


Opto Diode announces the third edition to their new series of three super-high-power infrared (IR) emitters. The new gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) OD-250 features a wide angle, very uniform optical beam with ultra-high optical output.  Total power output is 250mW (typical) with a minimum output at 160 mW.  A peak emission wavelength of 850nm make this IR emitter ideal for military imaging and security applications, night vision (NV) imaging technology, such as night vision cameras and/or goggles, and for integration into illuminators and markers.

Opto Diode’s New Ultra-High Optical Output IR Emitters OD-250 Feature:

• Ultra High Optical Output
• High Durability
• Four Wire Bonds on Die Corners
• Very Uniform Optical Beam
• Standard 3-lead TO-39 Hermetic Package
• Chip Size: 0.026 x 0.026
• Spectral Bandwidth of 40nm at 50%, Half Intensity Beam Angle = 110°
• Storage/Operation Temperatures Range from -40° C to 100°C (max. junction temp. at 100°C)
• Rise/Fall Time = 20ns
• All Surfaces are Gold Plated.

Opto Diode Corporation, based in Newbury Park, California and a member of the ITW Photonics Group, delivers high-performance, standard and custom photodetectors, and reliable, high quality, standard and custom infrared and visible LEDs. Opto Diode recently acquired International Radiation Detectors to expand their product line to include semiconductor radiation devices that detect photons in the UV range, X-rays, and other high energy particles. The domestic U. S. manufacturing plant includes a wafer fab and ensures delivery of volume quantities at competitive prices with short lead times.  Opto Diode’s rigorous quality control standards meet their customer’s strictest requirements in a variety of industries, including test & measurement, biotechnology, medical, entertainment, military/defense, industrial, aerospace, automotive, R&D and more. The combined resources of the ITW Photonics Group provides an unsurpassed range of photonic capabilities within a broad spectrum of markets, including medical, military and industrial controls. Integrated solutions developed by the ITW Photonics Group encompass the technology and experience from all three business units, offering design engineers higher product performance with greater feature enhancements.