Abrisa Products

  1. Heat Control Coatings
    Heat control filters are a special type of dichroic filter used to remove unwanted energy from the light emitted by a source...
  2. Metal Coatings For Broadband Reflector Or Beamsplitter
    Metal coatings are often used in systems where a very broadband reflector or beamsplitter is needed. They can also be an excellent choice when an economical coating is especially important.
  3. Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass & Coatings

    Anti-reflective (AR) glass is created by bonding specially selected materials to the surface(s) of the glass. While uncoated Glass has a surface reflectivity of approximately 4% per surface, (AR) glass will have a reflection value less than un-coated, ranging down to 0.1% in some cases.