Grey Glass

Source: Abrisa Technologies

Grey Glass

Grey glass (also known as smoked glass) is ideal for glass shelving or table tops, partitions, shower doors, windows, storefronts, building exteriors, or any other glass surface area that calls for restricted or reduced light transmission for privacy, the prevention of fading in furniture, carpeting, artwork, etc.

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Abrisa Technologies offers six types of grey glass with variations in transmission ranges. They are:

  • Grey 62: 62% light transmission
  • Grey 57:  57% light transmission
  • Grey 31: 31% light transmission
  • Grey 14: 14% light transmission
  • Grey 9: 9% light transmission
  • Grey 8: 8% light transmission (darkest grey offered, nearly black)

They’re available in thicknesses from 3 to 6mm and in sheet sizes up to 2438.4mm x  1651mm.

In addition to privacy, grey glass also may provide a cooler temperature indoors when used as a window. It can also reduce glare and has a reduced opacity. For more information, download the datasheet.

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