Precision Hot Mirrors for Heat Control

Source: Abrisa Technologies

Precision Hot Mirrors for Heat Control
Heat control filters are a type of dichroic filter that is used to remove unwanted energy (heat) emitted from a light source. Abrisa Technologies, ZC&R Coatings for Optics division provides precision hot mirrors for medical, aerospace * defense, entertainment, life sciences, digital photography, and a host of other industrial applications.
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Heat control filters (Hot Mirrors) are able to separate the unwanted infrared, perceived as heat by people, from the visible light desired. Some typical hot mirrors offered by Abrisa technologies include:

Precision Hot Mirrors for Heat Control Datasheets:

Precision Hot Mirrors for Heat Control Applications:

Protect Fiber-Optic Cable from UV and IR damage with Hot Mirrors and Cold Mirrors
Hot Mirror applications for use with digital photography 
Protect liquid crystal displays from sunlight damage
Heat Control
Application Note: Hot & Cold Mirrors

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