Common Glass Edge Treatments

Source: Abrisa Technologies

Glass edging can be done to improve a glass’s dimensional tolerance, functionality, cleanliness, appearance, and even resistance to chipping. Abrisa Technologies' edging treatments include cut/seam, machine ground (pencil and flat), and machine polished (pencil and flat).

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Cut/Seam Edging: Also known as a safety seam edge, or a swiped edge. This treatment is done to remove sharp edges on glass.

Machine Ground: This treatment uses a diamond embedded grinding wheel with a satin finish on the edge.

Machine Polished: Gives ground edges a nice sheen finish.

A pencil ground or polished edge has a C-shaped edge, and a flat ground or polished edge has a flat edge with a small 45 degree chamber on the very top and bottom.

For more information on Abrisa’s common edge glass treatments, download the datasheet.

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