Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd (Iridian) – Ottawa, ON, Canada – www.iridian.ca – Founded in 1998, Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd is a diversified optical filter manufacturer that is an international leader in custom optical filter design and manufacture especially for application in the fields of optical communications (telecom/datacom/satcom), optical spectroscopy (Raman/fluorescence), remote sensing (gas detection/Earth observation/LiDAR), 3D entertainment, and many more.  Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd has ISO9001-2015 certification and is part of the Canadian Controlled Goods Program.  Follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/3325030 or Twitter @IridianSpectral


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Solving PCR Filter Challenges For High-Performance qPCR Instruments
qPCR instrument users need high sensitivity and pristine signal clarity to achieve numerous delicate tasks. The right combination of optical filters significantly improves this functionality.  Continue Reading..
Iridian - DWDM graph bucket
Improving DWDM Module Performance With Narrow Dual Band Pass Filters
Narrow dual band pass filters, designed and produced mostly for DWDM modules, improve a module’s total insertion loss by reducing the number of components used.  Continue Reading..
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Optical Filter Wavefront Distortion: Out-Of-Band To In-Band Predictions
This paper explores predicting accurate in-band wavefront error of an optical filter using out-of-band measurements due to wavelength and angle variations.  Continue Reading..
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Designing Optical Filters For Earth Observation And Satcom
Space is the new technological frontier with constellations of satellites designed for earth observation and satellite communications gathering data at unprecedented rates. These next-generation satellites need next-generation technology.  Continue Reading..
Iridian Dichroic Table
How Custom Raman Edge Pass And Dichroic Filters Optimize Instrument Performance
Different Raman devices have different optical filtration needs as well as competing technical demands.  Continue Reading..
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More Signal, Less Background: Improving Signal To Noise Ratio
The path to improving signal-to-noise ratio - the ratio of the power of signal (desired input) to the power of background noise (undesired input) - is to reduce the power of the noise – less background.  Continue Reading..
Using Optical Filters To Measure Earth From A Different Perspective
An improved ability to manage or understand the natural or influenced phenomena is critical to ensuring that we maintain a healthy planet capable of sustaining humanity as part of its diverse biomass. But understanding these phenomena and how they are changing over time requires measurement.  Continue Reading..


  • Jason Palidwar of Iridian Spectral Technologies joins us to discuss optical filter solutions for high end telecom markets and more at Photonics West 2023.

  • Jason Palidwar of Iridian Spectral Technologies talks to Photonics Online at Defense + Commercial Sensing 2022 about Iridian’s optical filters and how they’re used in remote sensing applications including earth observation and gas detection.

  • What is a steering wheel? This might not be such an odd question for drivers in the near future. As autonomous vehicles begin to dominate our roads, lidar will be an important technology that will allow them to navigate and respond in a safe manner.

  • Iridian Spectral Technologies offers advanced thin film optical filter technology for telecom, spectroscopic instrumentation and lasers, as well as biophotonics, micro-optics, and aerospace applications.

  • As Datacom applications become more widespread, greater requirements are placed on optical filter reliability, storage capabilities, smaller sizes, and costliness. At Photonics West 2018, Jason Palidwar of Iridian Spectral discussed the importance of the use of optical filters in regards to how they help transfer, store, and access data from the Cloud<>


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