Optical Filter Solutions For Datacom Applications

Optical Filter Solutions For Datacom Brochure

Iridian Spectral designs and manufactures optical filter solutions for long haul and metro access fiber-optic telecom customers. Iridian also applies the same proven thin film filter technology to address the growing needs for Datacom optical filtering providing wavelength selectivity to DCI devices such as transceivers and tunable laser assemblies (TLA).

Datacom filter solutions are now available to address these needs:

  • Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) in transceivers separating or combining multiple (typically four) different wavelengths onto a single device
  • WDM regions covering include O-band (1260 - 1360nm), C-band (1530 – 1565 nm), and L-band (1565-1625 nm)
  • Silicon (Si) Etalons for TLA providing controlled free-spectral range (FSR), finesse, and tunability to enable selection of specific wavelength peaks

Datacom filters often have similar optical functionality and requirements as traditional telecom filters however the optical design, filter size and thickness may be customized to meet the unique requirements of these ultra-compact products.

Download the optical filter datacom brochure for more information.

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