Featured Downloads

  1. Fluorescence Filters Brochure

    Iridian Spectral Technologies delivers fluorescence emission filters, excitation filters, fluorescence filter sets, and fluorescence multi-band filters for fluorescence analysis instruments, fluorescence imaging instruments and fluorescence microscopes. The available emission, excitation and dichroic filters provide more signal, less background noise, high transmission and reflection levels, low ripple, steep edges, and deep block to fluorescence instrument users and OEMs.

  2. Raman Wide Angle Edge And Dichroic Filters Brochure

    Iridian Spectral Technologies delivers an array of optical filter solutions, including bandpass filters, edge pass filters, and dichroic filters for Raman spectroscopic applications. Iridian also offers partnership opportunities to develop custom filter solutions.

  3. Optical Filter Solutions For Datacom Brochure

    Iridian Spectral Technologies offers optical filter solutions to address the growing needs for Datacom optical filtering applications. These Datacom filter solutions can now address needs like wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) in transceivers, broad bandpass filters transmitting the entire O, C, or L-band, and silicon (Si) etalons for TLA. D

  4. High-Value Fluorescence Filters Brochure

    Iridian Spectral Technologies offers a line of fluorescence optical filters for $395 a set. These hard-coated dielectric filter solutions provide optimal wavelength discrimination for the detection of commonly used fluorophores in fluorescence microscopy.