Iridian News

  1. Iridian Spectral Expands With New Coating Systems And Processing Equipment

    Iridian has recently added new coating systems and processing equipment to significantly expand our capacity and capability to continue to provide technically and commercially leading optical filters to our customers.

  2. Iridian Spectral Technologies Announces Successful Certification

    Iridian has recently announced that they have successfully completed their certification audit to the ISO9001:2015 standard. 

  3. New Low Pricing For Iridian High-Performance LaseReflect Aviator LRG13 Glasses

    Iridian is now able to offer its high performance LaseReflect® Aviator LRG13 glasses for a new low price as a result of ongoing technology development and improvement to out production processes.

  4. Iridian Announces Reduced Pricing For Standard Filters

    Iridian announced its new reduced prices for its standard filters by 8-49% due to improvements in optical filter manufacturing processes and efficiencies.

  5. MWIR Filters For Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

    The desire to accurately identify, measure, and monitor environmental and process gases in fields as diverse as agriculture, automotive, medicine, and petrochemicals has driven increased demands for Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS).

  6. Iridian Announces 'High AOI Dual-Band CWDM Filters' At CIOE!

    Iridian’s Dual Pass Band Filter features two pass bands in one filter chip. This filter allows for modern CWDM designs that reduce the number of required filters, minimize insertion loss and allow smaller packaging.